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CELIMO TIRES was selected into China's 500 most valuable brands ?

Published in: 2019-06-28

On June 26th, the 16th "World Brand Conference" hosted by the World Brand Lab was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the analysis report of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" was published in 2019, among which the brand of GM shares - CELIMO TIRES ranked 346 in China's most valuable brand list this year with a brand value of 14.295 billion yuan.

A brand with a unique cultural heritage will have continuity through time and space. "CELIMO" not only has a profound historical and cultural heritage, but also symbolizes speed and quality, and conveys the spirit of courage and tenacity, and the spirit of going forward, containing the praise of the strong and the praise of the able. In the face of the ups and downs of the wave industry in China, CELIMO TIRES always carry the essence of excellence, cast reliable quality with strength, and achieve excellent brand with customer satisfaction. It has won honorary titles such as “China Famous Brand Products”, “Jiangsu Famous Brand Products” and “China Tire Industry”, “Leading Brand” and “China Rubber Industry Advantage Brand Award”. Its low-carbon high-performance all-steel radial tires were included in the National Torch Program.

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