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HOdo Group comprehensive promoted the fifteenth "Technology Quality Month"

Published in: 2019-09-02

Recently, HOdo Group actively carried out the fifteenth session of Science and Technology Quality Month. The event was “to promote innovation with independent innovation, promote product differentiation; promote quality reformation with independent brands and enhance product added value”.

This year, the Group's technology improvement work is mainly aimed at "five first-class": first-class talents, first-class platform, first-class investment, first-class mechanism, and first-class technology products. Talents are the most critical factor in technological innovation. The Group continues to introduce high-level talents, enhance its innovation capabilities, and organize innovative design and skill competitions at all levels to identify outstanding technical talents. It is reported that during the quality month, the Group will organize personnel training for research and development, design, including color matching of clothing, professional skills about methods and practices of enterprise technology innovation. The establishment of the first-class platform mainly relies on increasing cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes. At present, all the companies owned 102 research and development projects including independent research and development.

The work of Science and Technology Quality Month has entered a stage of comprehensive deepening and implementation. The Group will take this technology quality month as an opportunity, adhere to independent innovation for product differentiation, and achieve comprehensive improvement of product quality, service quality and quality of business management, pushing the high quality development of the company.

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