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Future is expected, General Science are intelligent,New factory ushers in new progress

Published in: 2019-08-19

On August 16th, General Science All-steel No. 3 Plant Mixing Workshop held a commissioning ceremony, marking the project of General Science with 1.2 million high-performance intelligent all-steel radial tires has achieved important progress and laid a solid foundation for the official production of the project, becoming a new milestone on the company's smart manufacturing road.


As one of the Chinese national tire brands, General Science actively responds to the intelligent development trend of the tire industry, focusing on intelligent manufacturing projects. In 2018, it invested 1.5 billion yuan to build 1.2 million high-performance intelligent all-steel radial tires project around the industrial Internet. The core technologies of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., establish a life-cycle data platform for tire manufacturing, and build the all-steel No. 3 factory into smart factory with a set of the whole process of automation, the whole field of information and intelligent logistics.

In the future, General Science will firmly grasp the new strategic opportunities for the country to develop intelligent manufacturing and promote the integration of “Industrialization and informatization”, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, vigorously promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, comprehensively improving the level of “intelligence” and promoting the high-quality development of the company, promoting the company's high-quality development to a new level, and creating a high-end brand of national tires with international influence!

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