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HOdo Men’s Wear goes abroad,Displaying the international style of national brands

Published in: 2019-09-16

On September 13th, HOdo Men's Wear teamed up with the famous European designer Fabio Del Bianco to hold the HOdo light fashion “Climb” series Milan conference in Milan, Italy. 30 sets of new products designed by HOdo Men's and Fabio Del Bianco are presented to the audience. The wonderful design is unveiled and the designer's solid foundation and talented inspiration are vividly interpreted. This is a discussion about fashion trends, and it is the exchange of Eastern and Western cultures. HOdo is based on China's perspective, blend international forward-looking design, adding another brand to the gathering place of international fashion with details and quality.

From China to Italy, HOdo, has been cultivating the Chinese men's wear market, is constantly advancing with the times. In the fashion capital of Milan, the interpretation of the international brand of Chinese brands has further promoted the development of HOdo brand. Taking the joint cooperation as the starting point and the Milan fashion show as the climax, HOdo Men's Wear made a stunning appearance on the international stage, actively explored new fields, built a more diversified and fashionable brand image, and demonstrated the national confidence in the culture with Chinese fashion attitude. 

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