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HOdo Industrial Internet Platform debuted at the 2019 World IoT Expo

Published in: 2019-09-10

The 2019 World IoT Expo was successfully held at the Taihu International Convention and Exhibition Center in Wuxi from September 7th to 10th. HOdo Industrial Internet Platform debuted at the Expo, featuring Cloud GST (Sewing Standard Working Hours System), Cloud APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling System), Light Customization Platform, Big Data Operations Center, and a series of smart wearable products. The advanced and accurate industrial system platform and the intelligent product technology of excellence have made the HOdo Industrial Internet platform shine at the exhibition. It is reported that HOdo Industrial Internet Corporation is an innovative technology company established by HOdo Group in 2017, focusing on Internet of Things technology, intelligent technology, electronic information technology, communication technology and automation technology.

After the establishment of HOdo Industrial Internet Company, it actively explored the whole process of intelligent solutions from the low-end to the high-end apparel industry, and is committed to combining the industry knowledge and experience (OT) of the traditional textile and apparel industry with the leading ICT technology at home and abroad to build the first Internet platform for textile and apparel industry. In August 2018, the platform was listed as the first pilot project of the industrial Internet platform for the textile industry. In December of the same year, the platform was selected into the pilot project of the integration and innovation application of the Industrial Internet Platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it was also the only platform category selected project.


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