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Soft, warm, elastic, HOdo Home’s another comfortable underwear was for sale New thermal underwear world premiered at Suning Tesco

Published in: 2019-09-13

"For the comfort of life" HOdo Home thermal underwear 2019 new product launch conference was opened on September 11 in Nanjing Suning Tesco headquarters. More than 200 people including loyal HOdo fans, industry experts, international leading strategic suppliers and industry partners, attended the conference to witness the historic moment of the launch of 2019 new thermal underwear.

Nowadays, the market of underwear industry is full of brands, and the market competition is fierce. How to maintain the advantage in the fierce market competition? The most fundamental thing is to get consumer recognition. HOdo Home, which has the reputation of “underwear expert”, is positioned as “branding for comfort”, insists on user thinking, solves pain points for users, and creates excellent and cheap products.

Leica, a strategic supplier of HOdo Home, has done the evaluation of global laboratory comfort, and divided comfort into heat and humidity temperature comfort, contact skin comfort and pressure elasticity comfort. HOdo Home based on the user's pain points and needs research, extracts three characteristics of the warm, soft, and elastic, and with the use of new materials, new technology, to give the thermal underwear more than expected function.

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