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"CELIMO TIRES" was named "Top Ten Influential Brands of Chinese Tires" in 2019

Published in: 2019-12-19

On December 17, 2019, the selection of the "China Brand Annual Awards" 2019 hosted by the world's authoritative organization, the World Brand Lab, was announced in Beijing. The "CELIMO TIRES" of General Science won the "Top Ten Chinese Tire Brands in 2019". 

As the company's flagship brand, CELIMO TIRES have been providing consumers with high-quality products for more than ten years. Light truck products XR168 suitable for urban and rural road transport, and vacuum mining products XR796 suitable for urban waste trucks, long-distance vacuum tire XR266, pure mining products XR938, etc., are well received by the market.  

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, "CELIMO TIRES" regards brand innovation as its core development strategy and focuses on creating a high-end brand- CELIMO 5X series. It is supported by "seven major mechanics technologies" and guided by "quality innovation" and the brand's high-end positioning has been continuously strengthened. For example, XR266 has effectively solved the pain points such as fast consumption, high fuel consumption, and poor driving performance during the use of ordinary truck and bus tires through technological breakthroughs and formula upgrades, and tire safety and wear resistance have been greatly improved.

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