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The Group’s Operator at the Production Line Spends Four Years in Pyrographing the Most Beautiful Lotus

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Pyrography works Life, with a roll length of 21 meters, can overspread 34.5 blocks of grand square floor tiles, on the pyrograph, wantonly unfolding lotus leaves, jumping frogs, sporting tadpoles unwilling to leave as well as clean and detached lotus rhyme are strikingly vivid and lifelike. As an employee of Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. subordinated to HOdo Group, Liu Zhuqing, who is a warm-blooded man dealing with rubber and tire everyday, takes the electrocautery pen as his paintbrush and takes the lotus pond of Zishan Lake of HOdo Group as his creation theme to record the lotuses’ coming to life in spring, growing in summer, fruiting in autumn and withering in winter on the modified cotton, he spent four years in pyrographing the most beautiful lotus worthy of the name on his long & narrow cooking bench to endow the pond of lotuses with meaning of life and cultural charm to cause a stir for HOdo Group.

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