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HOdo Sports Powers HOdo 2019 Xishan Wanshan Lake International Marathon

Published in: 2019-11-10

At 7:30 on November 10th, the HOdo 2019 Xishan Wanshan Lake International Marathon officially started. In the Ying Yue Lake Central Park next to HOdo Fortune Square in Wuxi East Railway Station, 12,000 contestants rushed out, and ran towards the finish line along the "elephant" track.  

HOdo Group, as the exclusive title unit of this year's Wanshan Lake International Marathon and a well-known local company in Wuxi, gave great support to the event. All participating clothing and finished clothing were provided by HOdo Sports. The starting point and ending point of Wanshan Lake International Marathon happened to be next to HOdo Fortune Plaza.


The road of enterprise development is also a marathon without an end. At this year's " Wanshan Lake International Marathon", a number of sub-brands such as HOdo Sports, HOdo Men's Wear, HOdo Home, and HOdo Home Textile came to the scene to show their products and cheer for the runners. Members from HOdo Art Troupe also performed the original HOdo Marathon theme song of "HOdo Movement is Running", showing the positive spirit of the HOdo Group, the pursuit of excellence, which is a commendation to the 70th anniversary of New China.

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