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General Science was awarded the most growth listed company in the high-end manufacturing industry

Published in: 2019-11-12

On the evening of November 8, the "2019 Ninth China Listed Companies Word of Mouth" hosted by the "Daily Economic News" was announced in Chengdu. GS was awarded the "Most Growing Listed Company" in the high-end smart manufacturing industry at this summit.

As a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of various tires, GS has been recognized for its industry leadership and most growth performance. The company not only owns Jiangsu Province Tire Technology Research Center and National Accredited Laboratories, but also carries out strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, universities, and international first-class suppliers, and has more than 350 patents. In terms of the construction of intelligent factories, its semi-steel vulcanization workshop has realized the ideal model of the intelligent factory "black light factory". GS actively seized the opportunity of “the Belt and Road” initiative and invested US $ 300 million in the first overseas production base in Thailand. It is expected that after the completion of construction, only one phase of production capacity will add 1 million all-steel tires and 6 million and half steel tires. After completion, it is expected that the company will add 2.18 billion yuan in average annual operating income and 250 million yuan in net profit.


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