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"On the road to study with you", the theme party building activities went into HOdo Group

Published in: 2019-12-06


On December 6, the large-scale series of theme party building activities of the "On the road to study with you", co-sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Provincial Organs' Work Committee and Xinhua Daily, etc., entered the HOdo Group, the advanced typical party building in private enterprises across the country, carried out party building and co-construction and linkage brand empowerment. Zhu Xueshan, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Organs, Chen Jing, Member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Provincial Industry and Commerce Federation, Zhou Haijiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of HOdo Group, Chairman and CEO of HOdo, and other leaders attended the event.

In the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics of the "Modern Enterprise System + Corporate Party Construction + Social Responsibility" pioneered by HOdo Group, "Modern enterprise system" is the foundation, "enterprise party building" is the soul, and "social responsibility" is the mission. Zhou Haijiang said that HOdo Group will give full play to the advantages of advance exploration, further improve this system, promote the development of enterprises, and better serve the "two health".

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