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As long as the confidence does not decline, there are always more ways than difficulties——Zhou Haijiang talks about the "Opinions" that the central government supports the private enterprises

Published in: 2019-12-24

The "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Creating a Better Development Environment to Support the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises" issued on December 22 fully demonstrated the determination and confidence of the central government to unswervingly develop and expand the private economy and stimulate the innovative development of private enterprises. The "Opinions" aroused warm response among the majority of private entrepreneurs. In my opinion, the state issued a systematic and institutionalized "Opinion" in this critical period, which is to use the most powerful measures to tell private entrepreneurs "as long as confidence does not decline, there are always more ways than difficulties". It also helps the private enterprises and private entrepreneurs to build confidence and provide better development opportunities.

In 2020, the international situation will become more complex and changeable, and private enterprises will also face new and greater challenges. These will affect the motivation and vitality of reform and development of private enterprises. In this context, the introduction of the "Opinions" is justified. What we private enterprises have to do is to be our own person and do our own business.

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