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"eight-party wins" composed a new chapter——General Science's first overseas production base is completed

Published in: 2020-01-10

On January 9th, Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 601500), a subsidiary of HOdo Group, received good news. With the successful opening ceremony of General Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the first overseas production base was officially completed. This is another successful practice of HOdo Group in adhering to the concept of "Eight-Party Wins " and the construction of "the Belt and Road" following the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "Western Special Zone").

For a long time, HOdo Group adheres to the "three independence" concept of "independent innovation, independent brand, and independent capital". The GS always pay attention to tire technology innovation. It has a national-level technology research and development center and a nationally recognized laboratory. It undertakes national and Jiangsu torch plans and other projects. It has more than 350 patents and ranks among the top in the industry. The company now has well-known brands such as "CELIMO TIRES, CTM", and now with the international layout, the products will be built into internationally renowned brands.

Through the introduction of smart equipment, the construction of a black light workshop, and the construction of an industrial brain, GS has achieved intelligent production and datamation, and achieved transformation and upgrading of enterprises and high-quality development. Facing the turbulence of global trade and market competition, GS reviewed the situation and proactively planned to build the first overseas production base in Thailand. This not only actively grasps the development opportunities of “the Belt and Road”, but also lays a solid foundation for the international development of HOdo Group. 

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