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Fighting for the dream of hundreds of billions——The 2020 Group Orientation Report was successfully held

Published in: 2020-01-11

On January 11th, the 2020 HOdo Group's "Fighting for Dreams of Hundreds of Billions" New Year Report Meeting was successfully held in Jinling Yew Resort. Zhou Yaoting, Group Chairman, Zhou Haijiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, and senior executives from HOdo Group, senior returnees, Ph.D. talents of the group, and the Group's 2019 pacesetters, etc., gathered together to look to the future. Government leaders, veteran cadres, representatives of friendly units and strategic partners who have been caring and supporting the development of HOdo cause, also present at the event.

The report kicked off in the cheerful and exciting song performance "We Are All Dream Chaser", wonderful reading, interesting rap, cheerful dance, wonderful chorus ... The variety of programs carefully arranged by HOdo Art Troupe is rich and exciting, which won applause.

At the report, Zhou Haijiang delivered a wonderful speech. "2019 is the "Three Independence and Six Models Promotion Year "of HOdo Group. Each part of the group focused on the strategic goals of the "Three Independence and Six Models", united their efforts, and presented a good development trend as a whole. Zhou Haijiang conducted a comprehensive review of the development of various sections of the enterprise from the three aspects of corporate party building and social responsibility. At the same time, he thanked the leaders from all walks of life for their care and support for HOdo Group, and thank all the HOdo people for their hard work. In the end, the Group awarded three talent awards, namely, the “Doing Large-scale Contribution Award”, “Recommended Subsidies for Senior People” and “Third-Class Enterprise Annual Champion”, to encourage HOdo employees to contribute more to the development of the Group.

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