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The only private enterprise:HOdo Group won the "Outstanding Micro Video" of the theme education

Published in: 2020-01-18

On January 17th, the "stay true to our founding mission" theme education video awarding ceremony and the first national party construction finance media forum were held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang by the official education website of “stay true to our founding mission”, People's Daily Online, and the Chinese Communist Party News Network. Gao Shiqi, deputy chairman of the National Party Construction Research Society and former secretary-general of the Central Organization Department, Luo Hua, deputy secretary of the People's Daily Party Committee and editor-in-chief, Ma Yongliang, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, head of the organization, Liu Jianhui, former deputy inspector of the Party Construction Research Institute of the Central Organization Department, Chinese Communist Party News Chief editor Sun Haifeng and other leading experts attended the forum and delivered speeches.

"The Beginning of the Party Members" participated by HOdo Group stood out from more than 4,000 works nationwide and was rated as one of the 50 "excellent micro-video" works after being selected by experts and voting online. HOdo Group is also the only private enterprise in the country to obtain this honor.

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