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Zhou Haijiang payed 10 million special party fees to help prevent and control the epidemic

Published in: 2020-01-31

The epidemic is at a critical juncture, party members should step up and rush forward, which vividly fulfilled their vows to join the party and their original mission. The majority of party members and cadres rushed to the front line, stood at the forefront, became pioneers, and set an example. They lived up to the people's trust and established a glorious image of Communist Party members in the new era. On January 30, Zhou Haijiang, the secretary of the HOdo Group Party Committee, chairman of the board of directors and CEO, who just returned from a business trip abroad, paid a special party fee of 10 million yuan to the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee Organization Department through the Xishan District Party Committee Organization Department to help prevent and control the epidemic.

In addition, the HOdo Party Committee of HOdo Group donated a batch of logistics support clothing, including 200 sets of down jackets and 500 sets of underwear, to frontline medical staff working in the epidemic prevention and control. The General Science Technology Party Committee of the Group urgently deployed the Wuhan sales network of General Tires, and provided services such as free tire replacement to support vehicles for the Vulcan Mountain Hospital and the Thunder Mountain Hospital project, as well as rescue vehicles. The 19 districts managed by HOdo Property insisted on the work of district disinfection, temperature detection, isolation of relevant personnel from Wuhan, registration of personnel entering and exiting the district, and appeasement of the owners to effectively maintain the health and safety of all the owners in the district.

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