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Over 30,000 pieces per day——Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. took the lead in anti-epidemic protective clothing

Published in: 2020-02-11

Fast response, 3 days and 3 nights fighting, over 30,000 pieces per day! In response to the epidemic situation, the market's demand for protective clothing has increased sharply. Following the establishment of the protective clothing project headquarter overnight on February 1, Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. issued a military order again on February 7th- increase the daily output of general protective clothing from 10,000 to 30,000! On the evening of February 10th, exciting news came from the production line. The daily output of general protective clothing exceeded 30,000 pieces, and the monthly production capacity reached 900,000 pieces! After obtaining the medical protective clothing license, it is expected that 60,000 pieces of medical protective clothing will be produced each month. In addition, the Hongdou Sportswear Company, a subsidiary of Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd., has completed the transformation of the sportswear production line and started to produce isolation clothing.

Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. puts the fight against the epidemic first in a special period, fights against the raging epidemic racing against time, fully implements the roles and missions of large private enterprises, and illuminates the journey of the fight against "epidemic" with the faith of party members!

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