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HOdo party member commando quickly modified isolation clothing production Building a "wall" to protect life

Published in: 2020-02-10

In order to alleviate the shortage of supplies for epidemic prevention and control, in recent days, major enterprises have taken the lead to speed up production capacity. The hard work and effort paid far surpassed the imagination. Like HOdo Group and many other companies, they battle against the epidemic with the speed against time.

After rapid preparation, on February 3, the first general protective clothing of HOdo Group was successfully rolled off with change from the clothing production line for the suit to protective clothing production line. After the company's concerted efforts, on February 7, the output exceeded 10,000. On the same day, HOdo Group passed on another success. At 1:30 pm on February 7, following the emergency change of the clothing production line to a protective clothing production line, Hongdou Sportswear Company was preparing for the first release of the isolation clothing project.

The frontline of the fight against the epidemic is urgent, the lack of isolation clothing, and the lives of medical staff are threatened by the virus. HOdo Group stepped forward again for the first time and started the project from February 5th. It took only 2 days to change hongdou sportswear production line to isolation clothing production line, and rapidly introduced related equipment, which constructed a "wall" against the epidemic.

The epidemic is ruthlessly raging, and HOdo, with its strong social responsibility to build a "separation wall" to prevent and control the epidemic and protect lives, once again demonstrates the love of HOdo. HOdo Group have always used practical actions to overcome difficulties.

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