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Party members took the lead, HOdo property stood at the first line of anti-epidemic to protect the community

Published in: 2020-02-17

Affected by the epidemic, this Spring Festival is a special one. All the information related to the epidemic affects the hearts of 1.4 billion Chinese people. "Less going out and staying at home" has become the smallest and greatest strength that every ordinary person can contribute at this moment. The home has become a haven for people to seek asylum and stability while panic, and the normal operation of the home also needs guardians. For the 19 districts managed by the HOdo Property, HOdo set up a party member commando for the first time to take responsibility for guarding their homes and protecting the health of residents.

From January 27, the HOdo Property has been fully integrated into the closed management from top to bottom.

All HOdo Property members will take a unified temperature test and wear a mask before taking up the job every day, and are responsible for the health of each owner. Security personnel adhere to their positions 24 hours a day, and use a non-contact infrared thermometer to monitor the temperature of incoming and outgoing personnel and conduct safety inspections. The customer service housekeeper conducts daily personnel information checks on the owners and residents of the community, and checks the household registration and outing situation of each owner by phone. In view of the risk of the transmission of the epidemic through contact, HOdo Real Estate regularly disinfects and ventilates the public areas such as the entrances and basements of the unit twice a day. Spray or disinfect at least 8 times a day. In order to ensure the normal life of the owner, a dedicated person is available to provide intimate living services to the isolated owner for 24 hours, and purchases necessities, takeaways, courier, etc. for the owner free of charge.

Everyone is a story, and stringing together is the original intention of the real estate people. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, for everyone at the HOdo Real Estate, ordinary posts have shouldered major responsibilities and missions. In order to keep the first line of defense of the residents' lives, they have truly realized "If people call, I will respond"!

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