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Private enterprise only! HOdo Group was named the "Grass-Roots Party Building Propaganda Demonstration Unit" of the Communist Party News Network in 2019

Published in: 2020-01-20

On January 20th, the Communist Party of China News Network's 2019 list of "Grass-Roots Party Building Propaganda Demonstration Unit" was announced. In 2019, HOdo Group actively participated in various theme publicity and grass-roots party building innovation activities carried out by the official website of the Chinese Communist Party News Network and the official education website of the theme of “stay true to our founding mission”. HOdo was the only private enterprise among the commendable units, and this was the third consecutive year that HOdo has won the honor.

In 2019, the HOdo Group Party Committee actively carried out the theme education of “stay true to our founding mission”, and solidly promoted the various party building work of enterprises and achieved fruitful results. In July 2019, HOdo Group's party building work experience "Strengthening Party Building Leadership and Ensuring the Health of Two Parts" was selected into the "Party Building" book of the “stay true to our founding mission” theme education case series compiled by the organization department, which was the only company selected. On January 17 this year, the micro-video "Party members' original heart" reported by HOdo Group also won the "Outstanding Micro-Video" of the People's Daily Online. It is also the only private enterprise in the country to receive this honor. At the same time, the HOdo theme education practice has been reported by mainstream medias such as Learning Power, People's Daily.

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