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Turn crisis into opportunity! HOdo Group accelerates evolution and upgrade

Published in: 2020-02-18

In the face of the epidemic, the production of HOdo Group also began a "full recovery." This epidemic is also an opportunity for HOdo to turn crisis into opportunity and accelerate the evolution and upgrading of enterprises. HOdo always insists that the company's epidemic prevention and resumption should be carried out firmly, implementing the mission of private enterprises with practical actions to ensure the healthy and stable development of the economy.

In 2015, HOdo proposed the "Smart HOdo" strategic goal. By grasping "+ Internet" and "Internet +" in one hand, it actively used Internet, Internet of Things and other technologies to carry out comprehensive transformation and upgrade. Last year, through the intelligent omni-channel ecosystem, HOdo+ Industrial Co., Ltd. encompasses all scenes, all stores, and all products, covering more than 1,300 stores across the country. Over 4 million items have been shared online and offline. The advanced layout has played a role and achieved good results.

In addition, the general semi-steel tire intelligent factory has been fully resumed, through the creation of "Industry 4.0", which integrates data, production scenario applications, and AI active command, it has realized the intelligence of the entire process from raw material storage to finished product storage, becoming a "black light factory". The operation of the plant has increased production efficiency by 40%, reduced operating costs by 20%, and shortened the product development cycle by 30%. The efficient production method also allowed GS Semi-steel Smart Factory to win the opportunity in the market. It is reported that in the face of continued strong demand in the international market, GS Semi-steel Smart Factory resumed work from February 10. On February 13, the first truckload was successfully delivered to Malaysia. The factory is working hard to provide high-quality products to customers everywhere, and continuously meet the global market demand.

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