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"Produce one more protective suit and protect one more life!"——HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. medical protective clothing was mass-produced

Published in: 2020-02-20

When the epidemic prevention and control is most urgent, medical protective clothing remains the most in need of war epidemic substance. Early production can ease the urgent need of the frontline of the war epidemic. On February 17, the production of medical protective clothing by HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. was approved by the Jiangsu Drug Administration, which means that from now on, HOdo will officially start the production of medical protective clothing, joining the few medical protective clothing production queues, which has constructed a safety "protective wall" for the medical staff of the epidemic.

According to the person in charge of the HOdo Project, "HOdo has increased the technical transformation of the workshop. After mass production, it is estimated that the production capacity of medical protective clothing (non-sterile) is about 150,000 pieces per month. The medical protective clothing produced will be subject to government uniformity and be no external sales, which is mainly to fulfill the social responsibilities of listed companies and support the government's epidemic prevention and control work. "According to the relevant person in charge of HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd., the two HOdo workshops are currently rebuilt, and after full production, the daily output will reach 5000.   

In the face of the rapid demand for protective clothing at the forefront of the war epidemic, HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. has also launched civilian protective clothing within the scope of its existing operating permits. In just over ten days, the average daily output quickly accelerated to 50,000 pieces on February 17, providing mature technical support for the rapid production of subsequent medical protective clothing. In addition, according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. also urgently converted disposable medical isolation gowns, which currently has a daily output of 30,000.

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