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With live selling and online office, HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. fully responds to the retail "war epidemic"

Published in: 2020-03-02

In the Spring Festival of 2020, the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia is severe, and the retail service industry, as a frontline industry to fight the epidemic, has been tested. Thanks to the vigorous advancement of digital construction in recent years, HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. has launched live selling, online office and 24-hour online services as soon as possible to actively respond to the epidemic. 

Adhering to the advancement of digital construction, HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. already have the basic conditions for a new retail business. At present, HOdo Industrial Co., Ltd. have formed a certain technical framework in the front, middle and backstage, with a hybrid cloud platform to support the development of operations. In 2019, the company fully launched the omni-channel operation management mid-stage, more than 1,300 stores realized omni-channel operations, and more than 4 million items were shared online and offline. And for the optimization of member management, the CRM member management system was launched, and member labels were set to form clear member portraits to carry out more accurate marketing for existing customers.

Live selling in special periods are more conducive to stimulating the steady development of HOdo’s online e-commerce platform. The company's live broadcast is mainly divided into e-commerce live broadcast and social live broadcast. E-commerce live broadcast, based on Tmall, JD.com, Suning and other e-commerce platforms, continued to make efforts. Social live broadcast, using WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou and other mainstream social platforms as the carrier, establish an official brand promotion live broadcast matrix, form a brand endorsement, mental occupation, grass conversion live broadcast ecosystem, and further enhance brand awareness. At present, HOdo Men's Wear has fully provided 24-hour online service and free home delivery.

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