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HOdo Group held the 2020 Mobilization Conference

Published in: 2020-03-12

On March 12, HOdo Group held the 2020 "Three Independence and Six Models Performance Year" mobilization conference in Jinling Yew Resort. Chairman of Group Shareholders' Meeting Zhou Yaoting, Group Chairman and CEO Zhou Haijiang attended the meeting, and Group President Zhou Haiyan presided over the meeting.

Looking back at the 2019 year of HOdo Group, it can be described as "brilliant." With the efforts of all HOdo people, the Group has accelerated its transformation and upgrading, and various industries continue to maintain a good development trend. It has achieved remarkable results in economic development, brand building, party building, and social responsibility: HOdo Men’s Wear has signed with European top designer and has successfully held a big show in Milan and Shanghai; "HOdo" jumped to the 80th place in the "Top 500 Brands"; General Science Thailand plant was completed and put into production, dedicated to creating a new model of "the Belt and Road"; Xishang Bank was approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission for its establishment, which is 19th and Jiangsu's second private bank; HOdo Group's party building work experience was selected as the theme education case of the organization department, becoming the only private enterprise in the country to receive the theme education micro video excellence award ...

2020 is the year to realize the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Zhou Haijiang requested all companies and departments of the group to focus on the overall goal and overall deployment of the "Three Independence and Six Models Performance Year", take performance appraisal as the overall starting point, deeply promote excellent performance management, accelerate evolution and upgrade, and strive to achieve "four goals of HOdo Group". At the same time, HOdo Group will not forget its original intention, keep in mind its mission, stick to industrial development, win the epidemic prevention war, fulfill its responsibility for poverty alleviation, and continue to improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics of the "modern enterprise system + party building + social responsibility".

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