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During the epidemic, it grew against the trend How does HOdo Home play social e-commerce?

Published in: 2020-03-16

HOdo Home has been developing for more than ten years. On the one hand, in the Internet era, it chose social e-commerce in a timely manner; on the other hand, while constantly innovating and reforming in product materials, it also found its own unique product positioning and successfully found its own way.

For HOdo Home, it combined the advantages of multiple online channels such as Xiaohongshu and WeChat Mall, and used the spontaneous transmission of users to carry out accurate fission of online users.

In addition, HOdo Home is keenly observing the changes in the market's pain points, positioning soft and stylish as the main selling point of the product, and accurately grasping people's hearts. It is understood that the softness of the baby cotton bra has two advantages: 3D stereo cups and level 3 soft lining. On the premise of ensuring comfort, the delicate fabrics rely on ergonomic mechanical three-dimensional spiral concave and convex design to naturally support the chest, presenting a three-dimensional shape, which meets the most painful needs of consumers, that is, the external form and internal softness, which is also a full reflection of user thinking.

The reason why the brand can be recognized is that the company is fully committed to the product. HOdo Home has three major concepts of "focus, extreme, word-of-mouth". While pursuing functionalization and differentiation, it finally breaks out of the brand.

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