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HOdo Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. was awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" qualification certification

Published in: 2020-04-01

Recently, HOdo Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" qualification certification, adding another important boost to the company's growth. Winning the national high-tech enterprise qualification this time is an affirmation of the company's adherence to rapid development, independent innovation, and in-depth research and development since its establishment. It will inspire the company to continue to take technology research and development as the cornerstone, and to be guided by the development strategy of "becoming the pioneer of industrial Internet + textile and apparel", to create an industrial chain ecosystem and drive the entire industry to improve together.

The "HOdo-Internet Platform for Textile and Garment Industry" project was jointly created by HOdo and the China Textile Industry Federation, and it has begun to take shape. The platform is a comprehensive large-scale industrial Internet platform, whose main body is based on open source general IT technology, which integrates cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. It is a cloud platform that can support the ubiquitous connection of industrial resources, integrated analysis of industrial data, and innovation in industrial application development.

After the completion of the "HOdo-Textile and Apparel Industry Internet Platform", it is expected to drive 600 upstream and downstream textile and apparel supply chain companies to settle on the platform. The platform has access to 200,000 units / set of equipment and 1,000 industrial APPs in the textile and apparel industry. The platform will realize a transaction volume of 10 billion yuan.

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