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Resumption of production and production of red bean medical masks approved

Published in: 2020-04-10

On April 8, Wuxi HOdo Sportswear Company, a subsidiary of HOdo Group, was formally approved for the production license of "Disposable Medical Masks" and the "Registration Certificate for Class II Medical Devices". It is reported that HOdo Group is the second enterprise in Jiangsu Province to obtain a production license for disposable medical masks, and it is also one of the first manufacturers to obtain medical mask certification during the emergency approval period for epidemic prevention materials in Jiangsu Province.



It is understood that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the veteran clothing company of HOdo Group has switched production of protective clothing, isolation gowns and masks to the front line. From the rollout of the first civilian protective clothing to the initial daily production of 1,000 pieces and then daily production of 10,000 pieces and 30,000 pieces, the company started multiple production workshops based on the original one production workshop, and issued a "rework calling order" overnight. Under various pressures such as the shortage of protective clothing fabrics, the postponement of the original production plan of each workshop, and the slow logistics speed, the expansion task was completed.


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