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The daily output of HOdo masks is 3 million! Over 100 million overseas orders

Published in: 2020-04-14

On April 14, HOdo Group's 29th mask production line officially started operation, which produced KN95 masks. As of today, the daily production of HOdo masks is 3 million, and the production capacity of masks has been further released, including 2 million daily protective masks, 500,000 disposable medical masks, and 500,000 KN95 masks.


At present, the international epidemic is still spreading, and the demand for anti-epidemic materials such as masks is increasing day by day. It is understood that as of April 13, HOdo Group has received over 100 million overseas orders for masks, including Singapore, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia and other countries. Among them, the Cambodian government has ordered 8 million masks; the Singapore government has ordered 5 million masks; French merchants have ordered 34 million masks, and German merchants have ordered 3.2 million masks. Orders are still increasing.


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