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CELIMO 5X XR290, opens a new era of Eucommia tires

Published in: 2020-05-08


Recently, GS's latest research and development achievement-the all-steel medium and long-distance tubeless tire CELIMO 5X XR290 will be launched. The innovative application of Eucommia rubber formula greatly improves the wear resistance of tires, aiming to challenge a new era of tire mileage.



The tires using gutta-percha formula technology show excellent high-speed durability and the quality of tires is significantly improved. Among them, CELIMO 5X XR290 is a true "Eucommia Tire", which accurately meets the general demand of truck drivers for "longer mileage" of tires. The use of Eucommia rubber tread formula technology effectively solves the problems of fast consumption, high fuel consumption, and poor driving performance of ordinary truck and bus tires during use, and the safety and wear resistance of the tires are greatly improved.



The appearance is bursting, which attracts a lot of attention. In addition to excellent performance, CELIMO 5X XR290 also has excellent looks. The new sidewall and crown design as well as the unique pattern, the high-value appearance is amazing, and the use of a new generation of spring air sleeve technology makes the tire even better. Compared with similar tire products, the style is more impactful. The eye-catching "5X" logo on the sidewalls shows that the XR290 belongs to the CELIMO high-end series, giving drivers more confidence in driving.


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