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No delay in epidemic prevention and production, GS starts a new model of live interactive marketing

Published in: 2020-04-22

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic has had a huge impact on all walks of life, and the tire industry has also been affected. Under adversity, General Science actively expanded new sales channels, took the "Internet +" as the carrier, proactively upgraded to the Internet, and launched a new interactive marketing model through live broadcasts, online meetings, and actively increased digital transformation. Responding to the adverse effects of the epidemic, we will go all out to ensure the smooth completion of the goals and tasks throughout the year.



With the rapid development of the Internet, the sharing economy continues to change people's lifestyles, especially during the epidemic, ushering in new development opportunities. In the face of the new "outflow" of marketing, General Science seized the opportunity and actively joined the live broadcast camp. Using platforms such as WeChat, Taobao, and Douyin as carriers, through the live broadcast delivery model, the "last mile" of the marketing link was opened up.



Through the comprehensive and three-dimensional product analysis, the audience has a deeper understanding of the product. During the live broadcast, links such as wonderful performances, on-site spikes, interactive Q&A, and fun sketches were set up to bring users multiple feelings of watching, listening and playing, shortening the distance between the brand and users and enhancing the interactive experience.

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