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HOdo: Caring for centenarians in charity activities for six consecutive years

Published in: 2020-05-16



On May 16th, the 2020 HOdo Group's charity event caring for centenarians was held in Wuxi   Yew Resort. The event was co-sponsored by the Committee of the Chinese Communist Party HOdo Group Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation. Twelve longevity elders who had just turned 100 in Donggang Town received 100,000 yuan each at the event site.



It is understood that on March 25, 2015, founder of HOdo Group Zhou Yaoting and HOdo Group Chairman Zhou Haijiang donated 20 million yuan to establish the Yaoting Charity Foundation, which aims to fulfill social responsibilities, help disadvantaged groups, pass on charity, and promote the trend of respecting and loving the old. For the past six years, the foundation has held public welfare activities to care for centenarians as scheduled each year. So far, 54 centenarians have been given a total of 5.4 million yuan in charity donations.


The charity activity of caring for centenarians not only awakens our care and attention to the elderly, and advocates good social customs, but also demonstrates the importance of ecological civilization construction. HOdo Group adheres to the path of ecological civilization, takes the creation of a better life and a quality life as its goal, and continues to develop public welfare undertakings and health industries, so that the health and well-being of consumers and surrounding people have been effectively improved. HOdo Group has always attached importance to social responsibility. Over the years, the group has donated more than 550 million yuan in donations.


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