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HOdo Group Science and Technology Association was formally established

Published in: 2020-05-23


Technological innovation leads the high-quality development of the company. On May 23, the HOdo Group Science and Technology Association was formally established, marking that the Group's technological innovation work has entered a new stage.



Zhou Haijiang said in his speech that if companies want to achieve high-quality development, only through information technology innovation and product technology innovation, and continuously accelerating evolution and upgrading, can they seize the initiative in the competition and win opportunities. The establishment of the HOdo Group Science and Technology Association is another strategic move for HOdo to reach the peak of the scientific and technological field. Focusing on the international first-class goal, HOdo has made efforts from the “five first-class” aspects of first-class platform, first-class talents, first-class investment, first-class mechanism and first-class products, strengthened team building, increased R&D investment, and established leadership coordination mechanism, product project mechanism, R&D assessment mechanism, driven by innovation, strive to build smart HOdo, accelerate corporate evolution, and achieve the goal of 100 billion output value as soon as possible.


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