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Appearing on 2020 "China Brand Day"? ?Hodo Menswear is the endorsement of Chinese quality

Published in: 2020-05-09


On May 10th, China Brand Day arrived as scheduled. The 2020 China Brand Day event is different from previous years. Considering the reality of epidemic prevention and control, a brand new online event-the China Brand Day event on the cloud will be born in time. HOdo Menswear was invited to participate in this event and appeared together with many well-known brands. HOdo Menswear impressed the visitors with its outstanding Chinese quality.


Relying on the keen capture of user needs and strict control of product quality, HOdo Menswear has exerted efforts in various clothing categories and launched many classic works of good quality: white shirts, light suits, light goose down, 3D high-stretch pants, Dengfeng goose down jacket...The functionality and fashion sense of the products are continuously improved. From the craftsmanship, fabrics, styles and details to meet the needs of different consumers, HOdo Menswear always insists on using "product power" to establish "brand power".


This year, HOdo Menswear continued to exert efforts in product research and development, focusing on launching new products such as high-quality and high-stretch casual pants and Mr. Real flagship series, occupying a place in the hearts of users with the image of "high-quality and light-fashionable menswear".


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