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Zhou Haijiang was commended by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference for outstanding contributions to the fight against the epidemic

Published in: 2020-06-17


On June 17, Zhou Haijiang, Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group and member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, was awarded by the CPPCC Jiangsu Province for adhering to the leadership of party building, actively participating in the fight against the epidemic, fulfilling its mission, and making outstanding contributions in the fight against the COVID-19. Huang Lixin, chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, awarded honorary plates to the commended collectives and individuals.


After the outbreak, Zhou Haijiang called on HOdo Group's party members to act quickly and enthusiastically donate. He personally donated 10 million yuan as a special party fee to the organization to support the fight against the epidemic. In the process of conversion, the protective clothing project headquarters was established overnight in HOdo, and the decisive decision to produce the scarcest epidemic prevention materials. Later, the isolation gown and mask production project headquarters were quickly established to race against time to expedite the production of epidemic prevention materials and contribute “the power of HOdo" to the complete victory of the epidemic..


Zhou Haijiang feels honored and deeply responsible for being commended by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference. He said that enterprises and the country are a community with a shared future. The responsibility of epidemic prevention and control is heavier than Mount Tai, and private enterprises and entrepreneurs have a great responsibility.


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