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The series of activities of 20th HOdo Qixi Festival officially launched

Published in: 2020-07-07

On July 7, 2020, the series of activities of 20th HOdo Qixi Festival was officially launched. Since the first session in 2001, HOdo Group has held 19 consecutive "HOdo Qixi Festival". This year, with the theme of "HOdo Qixi Festival, Lovers in the World", to mastermind the "Chinese Valentine's Day Hodo Fans Season" (July 7 to August 31 Day), continue the "Send HOdo products for Love", colorful presentations of "CCTV Qixi Special Program", "HOdo Helps Chinese Qixi to Apply for World Intangible Cultural Heritage", "Donggang HOdo Cheerful City Qixi Party", "'Find the most XX "Series of events" and other wonderful brand feast......

In 2008, the "HOdo Qixi Festival" was affirmed by the country and the government, and was named "the 30 most watched festivals in the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up". In 2010, it was named "China's Top Ten Famous Festival Brands" and was awarded by seven central ministries and commissions. The joint publication was identified as one of "our festivals", and was named one of the "ten most prestigious festivals" in 2018... The HOdo people's adherence to the "Chinese Valentine's Day" is inseparable from the care and support of people from all walks of life, especially consumer groups, so the HOdo Qixi Festival is a grand celebration of shopping rewards for HOdo fans.


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