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HOdo International Development Co., Ltd. starts evolution with innovation

Published in: 2020-07-16

In 2020, the new crown epidemic that is sweeping the world and the profound changes in the domestic and international economic environment are a huge challenge for companies. How to strengthen their confidence and develop better in the continuous uncertainty can better reflect and test the company's strategies and wisdom. wisdom. Dai Minjun, chairman of HOdo International, said: "The so-called difficult time is the best time for transformation. Only by facing the challenge and getting into the game can the efficiency of business operations be improved."


In this national and even global battle against the epidemic, HOdo's series of thunder anti-epidemic actions can be said to have attracted the attention of the outside world, from "changing the clothing production line in seconds" to "isolating clothing helping Wuhan to fight the epidemic frontline" to " emergency support masks overseas", and received countless likes.


The HOdo business sector has also initiated an O2O self-iteration and is positioned as a "five kilometers of healthy life aggregator", namely: the service provider of the five kilometers core business circle, the leader of healthy life, the integrator of social resources, and forced community operation + live broadcast delivery. At present, HOdo Cheerful City has established nearly a hundred HOdo fans welfare groups, attracted thousands of active "HOdo fans", linked nearly 100 offline retailers, carried out live broadcasts of online goods from time to time, and opened online experience sharing through anchors , With the help of gadgets such as daily coupon and introduction in live broadcast, strengthen the stickiness of fans, cater to current consumption concepts and habits, and drive sales.


"HOdo Sports + HOdo Cheerful City", on the one hand, retails hot products, on the other hand, provides a display and experience platform, which empower each other. At the same time, the HOdo foreign trade cross-border e-commerce team has quickly launched the HOdo Sports overseas website, established overseas social accounts, narrowed the distance with customers, strengthened contact with customers, and gradually promoted the production and export recovery of foreign trade orders.


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