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Recognized by the government, two technological innovations of GS Technology on the list

Published in: 2020-07-17

Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province and the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Wuxi City issued a document, GS’s new product development "R&D and application of anti-stitching and silent new energy automobile tires" and core technology research "New energy-saving and environmentally friendly all-steel radial tires" were selected into the Jiangsu Province Key Technology Innovation Catalog and Wuxi City Key Technology Innovation Catalog.


The project "New Energy Saving and Environmental Protection All-steel Radial Tire", which was selected into the municipal key technological innovation catalog this time, utilizes the three alloying elements Cu, Zn and Co contained in the three-phase alloy steel cord coating to greatly reduce the cobalt content in the tire, reduce the consumption of cobalt materials, reduce pollution, can also improve the adhesiveness of rubber materials, and make the production process more green and environmentally friendly.


The project "R&D and Application of Anti-stitching and Silent New Energy Vehicle Tires" selected into the provincial innovation catalog is the highlight of GS's new product development. Anti-puncture and silent semi-steel tires perfectly combine anti-puncture technology with high-end comfortable and silent semi-steel tires to redefine a new generation of safety tires, escort consumers, and guard every mileage of drivers and users.


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