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HOdo Group Labor Union won the "Labor Protection Demonstration Union"

Published in: 2020-07-29

On July 28, at the labor protection work report meeting of the Wuxi Xishan District Federation of Trade Unions, Chen Derong, member of the Standing Committee of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, awarded the HOdo Group Labor Union the "2019 Jiangsu Province Enterprise Union Labor Protection Work Demonstration union". Chen Derong spoke highly of the work safety of HOdo Group in the past year, and sent a message to HOdo to make persistent efforts to further strengthen the labor protection work of the labor union and play a typical leading role.



It is understood that HOdo Group has always adhered to the implementation of a democratic management system based on the workers' congress, and has established a "quaternity" labor protection mechanism for the group, first-level subsidiaries, third-level enterprises and production workshops. In April of this year, HOdo Group extensively launched the 2020 "Ankang Cup" competition, combined with the theme of the Group's Safety Standard Month "Eliminate hidden accidents and build a strong line of defense", organized employees to participate in "Safety Production Standard Month" and " Take Pictures of Safety Hazards" and other activities.


Through the formulation and implementation of labor protection and safety management rules, HOdo Group has effectively promoted production safety management and labor protection, and employees’ awareness of labor protection has been significantly enhanced. The life safety and health rights of employees have been effectively maintained, which has effectively promoted the peaceful and harmonious development of the company.


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