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HOdo Group Held the Sixth QC Team Achievement Release Conference

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As an important event in the 11th science and quality month, on Sep 23, HOdo Group held the sixth QC team achievement conference. 16 teams from secondary companies of the group attended it. According to the total of two scores: on-site appraisal and achievement release, finally Shen Jie Team from General Company won the first place by the project of “reducing damage and error rate of synchronous belt of H1102 molding machine”.

“The most obvious feature of the event of this year is the focus on effectiveness, based on which, new modes of achievement release is applied, including question raising, answering and role play, etc which are totally new. Meantime, each project team fully applies data and combines with pictures with texts, which fully embodied the feature of ‘small, practical, flexible and new’ of the QC event”. As introduced by responsible person of the event, “QC project includes production, energy saving, efficiency and other aspects and project research is featured in practice and strong sense of participation. The achievements will be applied to the actual production and implemented for a long run.”

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