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HOdo Group's foreign trade rose against the trend in the first half of the year

Published in: 2020-08-06


In the first half of 2020, in the context of the shrinking global market, HOdo foreign trade performance was eye-catching, achieving both sales and profit growth, and garment exports increased by 15% compared with the same period last year. Among them, the profit of the foreign trade division of international companies in the first half of the year increased by 434.77% year-on-year; the profit of the American division in the first half of the year increased by 78.03%. The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread around the world, and the foreign trade market has been shrinking due to the epidemic. In this severe situation, HOdo foreign trade has achieved growth against the trend. Behind the contrarian growth is the strength of enterprises turning crises into opportunities.


There is still a huge demand for epidemic prevention materials abroad. HOdo Group actively seizes the export opportunity of epidemic prevention materials, and makes good anti-epidemic materials such as masks, isolation gowns, and protective clothing for export. So far, HOdo Group has exported 6 million gowns to the United States, Italy, Canada, Norway, Germany, etc., and 120 million masks to Singapore, Malaysia, and many European and American countries.


HOdo foreign trade test the blue ocean of cross-border e-commerce, established a cross-border e-commerce team, successively opened Amazon's US and European stations, and focused on sports outdoor products, quickly launched the HOdo sports overseas website to promote the HOdo brand overseas. At the same time, HOdo has explored the establishment of a "HOdo cross-border trade shared service space", which has three functions of cross-border e-commerce, import trade, and foreign trade to domestic sales, integrates effective resources, and realizes the transformation from enterprise to society.


HOdo Group took the initiative to launch online live broadcasts to create a central live broadcast room. HOdo Foreign Trade uses internal and external platforms such as Douyin, Xishuashua, and Huizhibo to open a new mode of carrying goods and open new sales channels, and a large number of foreign trade live broadcast talents have gradually emerged.


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