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GS promotes industrial Internet integration and innovation

Published in: 2020-08-12

Under the background of the Industrial Internet, what will be the new picture of the digitalization of the tire industry? In this regard, GS has a clear focus and layout, with independent innovation as the engine, seizing opportunities, empowering traditional manufacturing with digital technology to improve quality, efficiency and intelligence, vigorously promoting the development of the industrial Internet, and continuously enhance the endogenous development momentum of the enterprise.


"Machine replacement" is a strong guarantee for the resumption of work and production in the semi-steel smart factory of General Science. Take the production line of the vulcanization workshop as an example. The machine replaces the labor to become the main production force, and the workers only need to be in the central control room to pay attention to abnormal conditions and do the auxiliary work of the equipment on and off the line.

Accelerate the pace of smart manufacturing and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. At the end of December last year, the first tire of GS's 1.2 million high-performance all-steel radial tire smart factory officially rolled off the assembly line. The project is planned in accordance with the "Industry 4.0" standard and builds a "big data industrial brain" based on the successful creation of intelligent passenger car tire manufacturing to realize intelligent production from the storage of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, including R&D and design Co-manufacturing with the production process, establishing a full life cycle data platform for tire manufacturing, and adopting international high-end intelligent equipment, introducing Japanese Kobelco internal mixers, Italian imported COMERIO wire rolling equipment, German inner rubber TROESTER equipment, etc., to fully enhance the degree of automation, to help General Science achieve a leap in production, management and service.


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