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Evolutionary upgrade: the brand value of HOdo reaches 65.3 billion

Published in: 2020-08-08


On August 5th, the (17th) "World Brand Conference" hosted by the World Brand Lab was held in Beijing. The conference released the 2020 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" ranking, "HOdo "Ranked 79th in the "Top 500 Brands" with a brand value of 65.395 billion yuan.


The development theme of HOdo Group in 2020 is the "three independence and six models year". In the development of the "three independence", HOdo will lead the enterprise to build "wisdom" with great agility through technological innovation, organizational innovation, model innovation, and marketing innovation. "HOdo" is moving towards the front end of domestic informatization and even intelligent development.  



Focus on users to enhance brand affinity. For product research and development, HOdo Home adheres to the "user-centric" concept, finds pain points from customer surveys, makes full use of user thinking, and organizes R&D personnel for technical research, production research and quality research, based on "focus, extreme, and reputation", and has created a batch of healthy and comfortable functional categories that are loved by consumers. HOdo Group has always adhered to the support of the three major brands of technology, culture and responsibility. HOdo people have always believed in the phrase "Half of the brand is technology". To build a high-quality brand, technology is the first.


HOdo Group is firmly seizing the opportunities of the big health industry, digital economy, domestic demand market and international layout, firmly taking the road of "three independence" development of independent innovation, independent brand, independent capital, and occupying the high ground of intelligent manufacturing with intelligent innovation, focusing the “efficiency” and “evolution”, realizing the continuous increase in the brand value of HOdo.


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