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Fan Wocun, wife of Yu Guangzhong, hopes the HOdo Qixi Festival can be carried forward

Published in: 2020-08-14


"Mr. Yu once wrote an inscription for the HOdo Group: A red bean has a thousand years of fate. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Qixi Festival of HOdo Group. I congratulate and hope that the Chinese traditional culture of Qixi can be carried forward." Near Qixi, the wife of the famous Taiwan poet Yu Guangzhong, Fan Wocun, recorded a short blessing video in Taiwan and sent it to the HOdo Group in Wuxi.


The cultures on both sides of the strait have the same roots. Although they are far apart, Ms. Fan Wocun still solemnly represents Mr. Yu Guangzhong, congratulating the 20th anniversary of the HOdo Qixi Festival through a recorded video, and also expressing the common desire of the compatriots on both sides of the strait to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture.


On August 15, 2002 (Chinese Valentine's Day), HOdo Group held the second HOdo Qixi Festival and invited Yu Guangzhong and his wife visited HOdo Group for the first time, talked with the founder of HOdo Group, Mr. Zhou Yaoting, about the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and sincerely praised HOdo Group for its efforts to revive the Qixi Festival. Mr. Yu Guangzhong also said that HOdo Group is "using red beans to resist the rose!" His poetic formulation has also attracted more people's interest. At that time, Mr. Yu Guangzhong also left a precious calligraphy in HOdo Group: "A red bean has a thousand years of fate."


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