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Softness is hard to define? This new domestic product has its own answer

Published in: 2020-08-08

On August 5th, HOdo Home held a new product launch conference for the HOdo velvet soft underwear in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The main new product of the HOdo soft underwear cashmere series, adding the Ordos cashmere known as "soft gold", becoming softer and upgraded, won the unanimous recognition of online and offline fans. The conference took the form of live + live broadcast, with more than 1.6 million online and offline participants.


HOdo Home has been focusing on underwear for many years, never blindly following the external trends such as styles and colors, but has been deeply plowing the user's inherent essential needs-"underwear is soft and comfortable". After years of user research, in response to the sultry and swelling of traditional thermal underwear, HOdo Home took the lead in launching the HOdo fleece soft underwear to meet the needs of users for soft and comfortable body feeling, creating a new category of underwear. The HOdo cashmere soft underwear cashmere series promoted by HOdo Home this autumn and winter, selects Ordos cashmere with a fineness of less than 16 microns and a length of more than 34 mm. The animal fiber comes with protein and is warm to the touch. With the addition of soft materials from many countries, after 9 soft velvet processes, the upper body is soft and not irritating, light and warm.


As an advocate of soft underwear, HOdo Home is committed to creating soft new domestic products that are more popular with consumers. While launching new autumn and winter HOdo velvet products, HOdo Home and Xiaomi Marketing also jointly launched a limited-

edition co-branded gift box, soft underwear + hard technology single product, cross-border cooperation, which is surprising.

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