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Pay attention to both benefits and evolution, and the group promotes the 16th Science and Technology Quality Month

Published in: 2020-09-11

September this year is the 16th Science and Technology Quality Month of HOdo Group, and this year is also the Group’s “Three Independence and Six Models Performance Year”. The Group has always regarded technological innovation as the driving force for the development of the company and regards quality as the foundation of the company’s survival. This year’s Technology Quality Month, the Group and its subsidiaries will focus on the two themes of “grasping efficiency with one hand and grasping evolution with the other”. In terms of increasing efficiency, develop differentiated products, reduce quality loss, and carry out research activities; in terms of helping evolution, focus user comments, improves the quality of products and services, and accelerate the construction of informatization, implemented in-depth implementation from two points and six aspects, and steadily promoted the related work of the current science and technology quality month.


The science and technology month is just a microcosm of the group’s long-term pursuit of technological innovation and quality improvement. Taking this as a good opportunity, the group aims to continuously deepen the development of science and technology, comprehensively improve the control of product and service quality, and achieve double promotion in "efficiency" and "evolution".


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