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Over 120 million visits! HOdo Qixi Festival Gala has a new record of online broadcast volume, and the national culture is highly sought after

Published in: 2020-08-28


Culture is the blood of a nation and the spiritual home of the people. Cultural self-confidence is a more basic, deeper and more lasting force. HOdo Group, with a high sense of social responsibility, is determined to stick to it for 20 years. Since 2001, it has been promoting the revival of the traditional "Chinese Valentine's Day" festival, and this year it has pushed the "Chinese Valentine's Day" culture to a new height. On August 25, on the "Qixi" day of the 2020 lunar calendar, the HOdo Qixi Festival Gala created a new force created by the combination of traditional Chinese culture and the Internet. It is reported that HOdo Group's "Love is in Qixi, HOdo convey affection", the live broadcast theme party for the 20th anniversary of HOdo Qixi Festival opened in Wuxi Donggang HOdo Cheerful City as scheduled. This two-and-a-half-hour long, the first special Qixi Day party with live broadcast as the theme, is not only radiant and dazzling, but also of great significance. "Online" has created a record high of more than 120 million viewers.




This year's Qixi party, HOdo Group first tried to use live broadcast as the main means of communication, and cooperated with the Economic Daily-China Economic Net, Tencent, Sina, Netease, ZAKER, China Jiangsu Net, Financial Circle, Sohu and other Internet platforms, Presenting a big party for hundreds of millions of online and offline fans to celebrate the Qixi Festival.



Zhou Haijiang, chairman of HOdo Group's board of directors, believes that culture is the root and enterprise is the tree. As a national brand, HOdo Group attaches great importance to the promotion of culture to the development of the enterprise in the long-term development process, promotes excellent national traditional culture, and shapes national cultural brands.

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