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Intelligent manufacturing, leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry

Published in: 2020-09-18

General Science is grasping the global industrial intelligence 4.0 reform, especially in the aspect of industrial intelligence, in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, through the application of big data and cloud computing technology, to build a tire manufacturing full life cycle data platform, and build a "low-carbon economy, green and environmental protection." The vulcanization workshop of the semi-steel tire factory has been the first to realize the operation of the "black lamp workshop".


On the other hand, the company invested US$300 million to build its first overseas production base in Thailand, integrating global wisdom to provide high-quality tire products for the international market. At present, the production capacity of the Thai plant has reached 500,000 sets of all-steel and 3 million sets of semi-steel. It is expected that the new sales revenue will be 2.18 billion yuan and the new net profit will be 250 million yuan when all of them reach production.


There is no fluke for success, only redoubled efforts. The world is now in a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Facing the new trend of technological innovation and development, GS will continue to increase its research on key core technologies, continuously improve its independent innovation capabilities, and effectively play a leading role in demonstration and development. More scientific research results will be quickly transformed into actual productivity, which will help China's tire industry to achieve technological progress, quality improvement, structural adjustment, and achieve leap development!


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