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HOdo Co., Ltd. won the

Published in: 2020-10-14

On October 13, the Wuxi City E-commerce Innovation and Development Conference and the National E-commerce Demonstration Base Listing Ceremony were successfully held. As an outstanding enterprise representative actively promoting digital transformation, HOdo Co., Ltd. won the Ministry of Commerce "the first batch of online and offline integrated development digital business enterprises" awarded by the Ministry of Commerce and the title of "Wuxi Digital Business Innovation Demonstration Enterprise".

Based on the integration and application of cutting-edge technologies such as the industrial Internet, big data, and cloud computing, HOdo has already kicked off the prelude to smart development. After three years of construction, the digital construction has been initially completed, focusing on building an agile supply chain platform, an omni-channel marketing management platform, and an integrated financial management platform to realize a digital marketing system for product digitization, user digitization, order digitization, and inventory digitization. Whether it is smart manufacturing, smart warehousing, or smart stores, the construction of smart HOdo is ultimately reflected in the empowerment of terminals and the optimization of consumers' shopping experience. In response to the retail upgrade this year, HOdo Co., Ltd. transformed the original online and offline channel sales model into a panoramic global integrated retail model, with social marketing becoming its core battlefield. HOdo Co., Ltd. actively divert to e-commerce platforms and WeChat ecology to demonstrate the foundation and strength of the top menswear brand in the new retail era.

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