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No End for Quality and Excellence

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At the summary and award meeting of HOdo Group 11th Scientific Quality Month on Oct 7, quality pioneer representative Chen Nan from Quality Inspection Dept of Quangang No. 1 Factory of General Company made his quality statement and expressed confidence and determination all the HOdo people to improve product quality and service quality and to continuously promote customer satisfaction. HOdo Group Director Board Chairman Zhou Yaoting and Party Committee Chairman and President Zhou Haijiang and other group leaders attended the meeting and issued prizes to companies and individuals.


At the award meeting, the group commended scientific progress prize, scientific pioneer, technical master, quality pioneer, QC team model and the second group of excellent rational suggestion proposal and implementation personnel.


At the meeting, HOdo Group Party Chairman and President Zhou Haijiang expressed that the effect of scientific quality month event was obvious and he hoped that the group could make continuous efforts to consolidate the effect and focus on service quality while paying attention to product quality. He also emphasized that in the complicated external environment, the group should transfer pressure to drive, improve management level, improve enterprise comprehensive competitiveness and seize the key point of the fourth quarter to do work practically and well and to further promote group’s stable development.


The excellent teams and individuals commended in the group’s 11th Scientific Quality Month are showing their consistent style to seek for perfection and excellence by their active working attitude, meticulous working style and solid working ability, and submitted an excellent answer paper to Three Improvements and Scientific Quality Month.

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