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Take Innovation as Drive and Achieve HOdo Intelligence Manufacture

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In the trend of Internet and the time of connection, how does a traditional enterprise achieve transferring and upgrading? On Oct 10, at Wuxi branch hall of Jiangsu Industrial Design Week, HOdo group took innovation as drive, focused on design, combined several points, fully displayed HOdo intelligence manufacture and provided reference for how traditional enterprises can achieve transferring and upgrading. Cool cultural T-shirt and other intelligence products that HOdo group took the lead to launch became the biggest bright spot at the brand hall. HOdo telecom intelligence clothes, mobile phone all-in-one card and other technical applications and HOdo velvet heat producing underwear show rapid transfer of this traditional enterprise in the information time. Wuxi Deputy Mayor Cao Jiazhong, Jiangsu Provincial Economical and Information Committee Deputy Inspector Zhou Yibiao and HOdo Group Party Committee Chairman and President Zhou Haijiang, etc attended the event.

In the event, Zhou Haijiang expressed that facing the impact of technical revolution, enterprise must seek for survival by change and replace low cost advantage by design and innovation advantage, as well as intelligence advantage, and must reinforce enterprise competitiveness. He also expressed that he himself thought highly of wearing intelligence industry because in the future of thing-and-thing connection, wearing intelligence industry has very huge development space.

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